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The Dolley Payne Madison Chapter

Welcomes You!

     Membership is available to women age eighteen and over who can offer satisfactory proof that they are lineal descendants of an ancestor who, during the period of 1784-1815 inclusive, rendered civil, military, or naval service to our country, rendered material aid to the U.S. Army or Navy, or who participated in the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

     Junior membership is available to girls and boys from birth through age 21. Young women between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five are known as Flora Adams Darling Daughters in honor of the Society's first president.


a. Those who signed the Oath of Allegiance or the Loyalty Test.

b. All state, county and town officials and also jurors.

c. A member of the Continental or Federal Congress, or a member of a State Assembly or Legislature of one of the first eighteen states.

d. A delegate to the convention which framed The Constitution of the United States.

e. A member of a State Convention which ratified The Constitution of the United States.

f. An elector of one of the first four Presidents of the United States.

g. A legislative, executive or judicial officer of the United States of America, including such appointive officers as Treaty Commissioners, Territorial Officers, etc.


1.  Check out the list of already approved patriots in our national ancestor database:  

2.  If your ancestor isn't there, don't worry.  He or she may be a "new" ancestor that no one has used to join the organization yet.  You may be the first!

3.  Contact our chapter to talk with our Registrar.  All our contact information is found below.

4.  Complete the Standardized Lineage Worksheet so that our chapter may assist you with the application process.  

5.  Get ready to join the fun!


U.S.D. 1812 members are women who come from diverse backgrounds and hold a variety of interests.  Their common bond is their lineal descent from patriots of the War of 1812 – any woman, regardless of race, religion or ethnic background, who can prove this lineage is eligible to join.

Let Us Know You Are Interested in Membership.

Deanna Jacobs, President

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   “There is one secret, and that is the power we have in forming our own destinies.”

Dolley Payne Madison

Thank you for inquiring about membership with Dolley!

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